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Parish Life

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish

The heart of a parish is the Eucharist, but the parish family is the body that makes it a unique and vibrant community with an exciting parish life. Our parish offers a variety of ways to be part of that communal family in addition to the celebration of the sacraments.

Faith formation is a vital element of the Catholic life as we grow in knowledge and understanding of our faith in Jesus Christ and the Church he gave us. A deeper understanding can lead to a more intimate relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and through the Trinity to the Church and our family, friends, neighbors, parish, and community. Such faith formation is not just for children, but for all of us as we grow as Catholics. Our parish has many opportunities for faith formation that we encourage you to explore.

Another way to participate in our parish life are the various parish ministries, including liturgical ministries, such as choir member, lector, altar server, and Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist; social justice ministries, such as visiting the homebound, serving the poor, volunteering at food pantries and the St. Vincent de Paul Society; and others, such as youth ministry, men's and women's groups, and the annual parish bazaar, to name just a few. God calls us to use our gifts and talents to glorify Him and make life better for other people. Please prayerfully consider these opportunities for getting involved in ministry. And if you have an idea for a new parish ministry, please contact us.

With so many ways to be part of parish life, you'll want to stay informed by regularly reading the weekly bulletin, just in case you've misplaced the one you received at Mass. You’ll also want to check the parish calendar for a list of events and mass schedules.

Our parish has a rich history in our town, being founded by people who trusted in the Lord and gathered together under the leadership of our bishop. Who we are today is based on who we were yesterday. Find out more about our spiritual forefathers as you read the history of our parish.

We hope you'll also enjoy viewing photos of our parish, including some of the many enjoyable events and programs we've had over the years


Chè pawasyen,


Byenvini nan pawas Sent Angela – Sen Matye!


Premye Jiyè 2020, jou sa kote nou fonde yon nouvo pawas, ap rete yon gwo dat nan istwa kominote Katolik nan Dorchester/Mattapan. Pou mwen dat sa se alafwa yon finisman ak yon kòmansman.


Se yon finisman yon etap ki se rezilta yon pakèt refleksyon, kesyon, ezitasyon, ak anpil lòt pwoblèm nou rankontre pou nou te rive fè sa nou wè ki pi bon pou moman. Desizyon sa pat fasil; sa te mande anpil kouraj, pasyans ak sajès pou nou te rive abouti. Nou konprann tout sila yo ki santi yo fristre e ki fache. Bagay yo pa fasil vrèman. Men, nou pat ka pa pran kalite desizyon sa. Se sèl fason pou-rive fè fas ak tout defi nap rankontre jodi-a nan travay legliz la.


Nap di Bondyé mèsi anpil pou tout gras ak benediksyon li ban nou. Lide sa reyèlman vre, se nan li sa sòti, li menm kap rele nou pou nou viv lafwa nou jodi-a avèk plis fòs e detèminasyon. Sòm 127 di nou : « Si Granmèt la pa bati kay la, bòs mason yo ap travay pou granmesi. Si Granmèt la pap veye vil la, solda yo ap pèdi tan yo. » Nap di Pè Paul Soper yon gwo mèsi, li menm ki se Sekretè pou Evanjelizasyon ak fè moun vin disip e tou Direktè Plan Pastoral Achidyosèz Boston an. Nap remèsye tout Konseye nou yo ki sòti nan Sant Pastoral Achidyosèz la, tout manm Komite yo, tout manm Ekip Akèy yo, ak tout lòt gwoup volontè ki bay tout yo menm pou fè travay sa rive bout. Mwen di nou tout mèsi kap akeyi mwen kòm nouvo Kire nou nan nouvo Pawas Kolaborativ sa. Mwen konte anpil sou priyè ak sipò nou. E map tann tout konsèy nou yo, kesyon, sijesyon, ak tout bon jan kritik yo ki pou rive fè nou avanse.


Menm si nou kontan anpil pou bèl pa sa ki rive fèt, nou oblije rekonèt ke travay la fenk kòmanse. Sa sé trokèt la, chay la deyè. Nou se disip ki an misyon pou-n rive bati yon pi bèl kominote. Nou vrèman fenk kòmanse nan sèvis la. Sa nap viv jodi-a, se yon nouvo kòmansman. Defi yo anpil, men espwa nou anpil tou. Nou vle avanse men nan lamen pou nou bati yon kominote ki pi fò e ki gen plis tèt ansanm. La ankò, nap sonje ke Bondye pap janm lague nou. Lap travay avèk nou tout tan nan rekòlt li a.


Pandan ke nap reve bati yon kominote ki pi bèl e ki pi solid, nou bezwen nou tout pou mete men nan pat la. Pa mize, prese vini. Nap tann ou. E an tan ke sèvitè nou ak pastè nou, map mande nou chak pou vin patisipe nan konbit sa. Tanpri, map mande nou pou nou mete men ansanm pou pawas sa tounen pawas nou tout, e pou travay nou yo ka pote bon jan fwi. Tan pou nou aji-a, se koulye a. Nou bezwen nou chak!


Yon lòt fwa ankò, Byenvini nan nouvo pawas nou an. Se pou Bondye beni nou ! 


Pè Garcia Breneville





Dear parishioners,


Welcome to Saint Angela–Saint Matthew parish!


July 1, 2020 which consecrates the foundation of a new parish, will be an important and memorable date in the annals of the Catholic community of Dorchester and Mattapan. To me, this date is both an end and a beginning.


Indeed, it is the end of a step, fruit of a long time of reflection, questioning, hesitation, even fear and frustration to helping our communities move forward in doing what is just and worthy for this present time. The move was not easy; it took great courage, patience, and wisdom to bring it to completion. We admit that the uncertainty, frustration, and fears expressed by some are understandable. But having this merger was an important decision for the parish leaders who have been aware of the challenging realities of the pastoral ministry here and now.


Our gratitude goes first to the Lord our God who has showered us with abundant blessings. This project finds its foundation in Him calling for us to be more efficient and determined in living in the faith. With Psalm 127, we proclaim: “Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it. Unless the Lord guards the city, in vain does the guard keep watch.” Special thanks to Paul Soper and our advisors from the Pastoral Center of the Archdiocese, all our committee members, the ushers, all the group of volunteers, who have been committed to making this reality happen. Thank you for welcoming me as your new pastor in this new parish collaborative. I count on your prayers and support. And I am looking forward to welcoming your advice, questions, suggestions, and your constructive criticism.

Though we greatly appreciate the work done so far, we need to recognize that the journey has just begun. We are sent out. We are disciples in mission toward a new way of being the Church of Jesus Christ. We truly are in a starting point. We are living a new beginning. The challenge is huge as well as our hope. We want to move on toward a new, vibrant, and unified community. There again, we remember that the Lord will never abandon us. He is at work with us in his harvest. Thus, we pledge to move cautiously with great hope, gratitude, and fully cooperating with God’s grace, aware that we walk by faith, not by sight.

As we dream of a better and stronger community, we know that its construction needs the cooperation and engagement of each of us. Let us hurry up and implement the task! As your servant and new pastor, I call on everyone to take part in this journey. Please, join us to make this parish yours and let your visions come to fruition. The time to act is now, and you are needed.

Welcome again to your new parish!

Fr. Garcia Breneville



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